Peltonen Metsä

A special ski with three different base options for deep snow skiing; one waxable and two waxfree bases. Very flexible tip for good floatation on powder snow. Updated version with cap construction. Handmade in Finland.

Lengths 210, 230, 250, 270 cm
Width 70 mm

Base 2 options: Step, skin
Use Off-track

Peltonen Hunter Skin

Extra wide ski for hunting and deep snow use with waxfree skin base.

Lengths 180 cm
Width 100 mm

Base Skin
Use Off-track

Peltonen Deep Snow Pole

Carbon fiber reinforced ski pole for deep snow. Thermo handle. Basket widht 14 cm. Lenghts 120-160 cm/5 cm.


A sporty classic ski for the occasional skier.  The Delta model features an AirChannell cap construction. Delta is also available with a GG-step pattern, which makes it an excellent choice for rental shops.

Lengths  120-200 / 10 cm
Width 45 mm

Base Waxable
Available also with a GG-step pattern base

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